To Blog or Not To Blog

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... that is the question.

Some of us are writers and some of us just aren't. I've always put myself in the latter category. This blog has been an effort to explore the former.

So far it hasn't been working out.

I've had plenty of ideas but finding time to put them to paper has been the challenge. I have a little time to write on the bus while commuting to work but I've found that the small screen isn't condusive to a lot of prose.

I've tried to write a little at work while on my lunch break but as those of you who know me are aware, my lunch lasts 15 minutes at most. I tend to work while I'm at work; anything else feels uncomfortably unethical.

I've tried to write in the evenings but I find that it distracts from my relationship with my wife. We're very close and enjoy spending what little time we can together.

I've tried to write on the weekends but that kind of me time takes a back seat to the necessary chores that I have to do on the weekend. I'm writing this as my wife takes a shower and I watch my two month old daughter sleep. It ain't gonna last.

So, moral of the story seems to be that when I write I have to finish fast. I need a full keyboard and all my thoughts in order. Then I might be able to crank out an article in 15-30 minutes. Otherwise I'm stuck with a folder full of drafts that won't have the time to develop.

I'm interested in how others structure their time when doing a technical blog. Drop me a line if you have brilliant ideas.