Battery Staple Redux

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Dicewords passwords (the correct horse battery staple mentioned previously) should be much longer than 4-5 words. That's because hackers use hordes of compromised computers to throw billions of guesses per second at the problem. So the number of possibilities of your funkalicious password choosing algorithm has to be subtantially more than what an attacker can guess. That's the ratio you're managing.

Taking the 350 billion guesses per second in the above article one of my 5 word passwords would be cracked in about 22 hours. Adding a sixth word extends the life to about 5 years. Expanding the dictionary to the dicewords list of 7776 and adding a seventh word password would last until about 2030.

Security professionals measure the strength of a password differently than computing the ratio that I've outlined above. This helps as the password cracking power of attackers is constanly increasing. Professionals measure password strength in bits of entropy. You can compute the entropy bits by multiplying the number of words by log2(N) where N is the number of words in the dictonary. My dictionary has about 10.9 bits of entropy and the dicewords list has 12.9 whereas normal written English is estimated at 1.3 bits per letter.