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Everyone seems to have their own reason to start blogging. I don't know mine yet. We'll see if I can keep with this long enough to find out.

I've been starting to blog for the last few years now. It began with my career as a computer programmer in 2008. The technology industry moves so fast that you need to be learning constantly to not fall behind as fast.

It's a truism that good programmers are always learning. By always, I mean every day. Perhaps even every hour. Searching the internet for someone else's solution to your quandry becomes a reflex. You find sources of information that can be discarded because they're unhelpful or inaccurate. You find people that you come to know and trust. After tripping across bloggers who wrote down exactly what I needed to read time and again I began watching them more closely to see what they'd write next.

Over years of reading technical blogs you being to resonate with some authors. I like Scott Hanselman for his personality and the bredth of angle-braket-ish concerns. I like Phil Haack for his quirky personality and diverse nerdiness. I've recently started following Troy Hunt because of the strong personality that comes out in his writing on security related subjects. I've found that half of why I read what I read is the personality behind who's writing it.

Which leads me to this point. I've decided to start writing because I admire it so much in the others that I look up to. And it isn't lost on me that I wouldn't be able to look up to these people if they hadn't been brave enough to start sharing in the first place. Perhaps one day I'll find myself carrying that torch forward. For now I'll focus on Jeff Attwood's ultimate one-step solution. The hows of it might make for a good blog post.